ReMARKable Farms

Denise and Mark Wetzel of ReMARKable Farms are a mother and son team. When Mark was just 10 years old, Denise attended a class for children with disabilities to be an advocate for Mark who has autism. At this time, Denise began planning for future employment opportunities for Mark that centered around his strengths and affinities. One day Denise was walking up the steps in her house and realized she could ask Mark to go feed the cat and dog, and that was something he could easily do. At the same time, Mark loved being outside carrying out these tasks. Over the next eight years, ReMarkable Farms was created out of this desire of giving Mark the opportunity to flourish as an employed adult and business owner. Mark and Denise currently sell sunflowers as cut flowers and jams and jellies from foraged and sustainably grown berry bushes at the Moscow Farmers Market. They also plan to raise pastured chickens for eggs. You can learn more about their 5-acre family farm in Moscow, Idaho, by visiting their Facebook Page @Remarkablefarms.

Denise and her husband Henry are graduates of the Cultivating Success Idaho “Starting Your Sustainable Small Farm” course along with numerous other workshops and speaker series attendees.

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