Being a farmer doesn't mean you have to do it alone. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that farm stress and suicides are a rising concern. According to the CDC, farmer suicide rates are at least 1.5 times the national average.

Fight back against farm stress, economic loss, and social isolation by advocating and forming farm communities. Vibrant farming communities bring young and old farmers together. Communities can help shoulder the cost and the stress of farming.

In this section we will provide links to some forming communities and groups successfully trying out new ideas.


Farm it Forward

This Australian nonprofit connects residents who donate their land for a year with young farmers looking for a place to grow. Growers are paid a living wage by Farm It Forward.

Produce grown goes back to the community. Landowners are given produce boxes and extra produce is sold to local businesses. Any money made by the venture is paid to the young farmers.

Farm it Forward creates a vast community that also helps alleviate social isolation. Some of the landowners are retired, some live by themselves, and others are home taking care of young children. All are linked together through this program.

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Farm It Forward: connecting young farmers with donated land to grow organic food.