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The monthly Speaker Series is a collaboration between Rural Roots and University of Idaho Extension

Thank you to everyone who participated or visited the Latah County Fair!

Rural Roots sponsored the Fruit, Vegetable and Ag Products.

Rural Roots at the Latah fair

Here at Rural Root we come from a long line of people who worked the soil. Whether you use a team of horses, a tractor, a drone, or a simple shovel we want to inspire you to think about how to best use the land to grow while making it better for your children.

Grandpa Lee plowing

Susan's grandpa Lee worked the land with a team of horses and his capable hands.

At Rural Roots we believe ALL farmers should be treated with dignity and respect. Farmers often toil alone and receive little support. Please check out some of these organizations that help farmers. You are not alone.

Pollinator Summit is coming. Bee aware.

Pollinator Summit – Food for Bees, and Food for You and Me

  • Monday & Tuesday March 4-5, 2024
  • Location: Latah County Fairgrounds – large room
  • Tuesday Movie Night: The Pollinators. Location: UI Potato Seed Lab Conference Room

This year we will focus on bees, nutrition and the environment. Monday will be devoted to honey bees, the tiny hard working creatures supporting so much agriculture and our own food supply. Tuesday will be focused on native bees, their role in agriculture, and their food supplies. The event will include a Pollinator Expo on Tuesday of local organizations working to support pollinators.

Free Registration:

March 4, 2024 Latah County Fairgrounds Main Room

Monday Speaker and Title:

10:00 AM Opening Remarks: Iris Mayes & Suvia Judd (in-person)
10:30 AM Steve Sheppard (in person) Title: WSU Research on Honey Bee Genetics, Breeding and Colony Health
11:30 PM JT Vanleuvan (in person) Title: Bacteriophages of the honey bee gut microbiome
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Gabriela Quinlan (Zoom) Title: Honey bee colonies as a sentinel of landscape-level nectar resources (use of hive scales)
2:30 PM Jacqueline Freeman (Zoom) Title: Falling in Love with Honey Bees

March 5, 2024 Latah County Fairgrounds Main Room

10:00 AM Armando Falcon-Brindis (in-person) Title: Pollination Ecology and Interaction Networks of Wild Bees
11:00 AM Anthony Vaudo (in-person) Title: Bee Nutrition in the Landscape

11:00:00 AM - 1:00PM Pollinator Expo 11am - 1pm Local non-profits and businesses share info on Pollinators

Kelli Cooper (in person) Title: Using iNatiuralist to Track and ID Bees
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Margarita Lopez-Uribe (Zoom) Title: Native Squash Bee Range and Evolution
2:00 PM Karen Wright (Zoom) Title: The Washington Bee Atlas
3:00 PM Steve Cook (in person) Title: Identifying Pollinators and the Impact of Soil Amendment Treatments on Huckleberry

6:00 PM Doors Open
7:00 PM The Pollinators
Film at the UI Potato Seed Lab

This event is a collaboration between Rural Roots, PCEI, and UI Extension, Latah County.

Rural Roots Speaker Series
Did you miss the 2022 pollinator summit?

Here is a link to the UI Extension/CALS YouTube Channel with the videos:

Rural Roots Sustainable Ag  Lecture Series

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Attracting Pollinators

Click here to see Susan's new booklet on her pollinator research: Increase crop yields by managing pollinator and beneficial insect habitat in the Pacific Northwest: Pollinator handout 2021

This booklet shows some great plant choices for our area! Learn which plants attract the most pollinators. See which plants will bring the most bumblebees or other native bees to your farm.

For now you may want to check out theses pages.

Learn more about attracting pollinators in our How to Attract Pollinator page!

Check out this UDSA website on How Farmers Can Help Pollinators.

Another great resource: Bee Friendly Farming (BFF) is a certification program from Pollinator Partnership!