Living Lightly or Student Membership


Are you are on a budget but still want to help support Rural Roots and receive discounts on great UI and Rural Roots classes?

This membership is for you, whether you are a student just starting out, a senior living lightly, a person saving for their own small farm, or anyone who needs to budget their funds carefully. We don't want anyone to be left out due to affordability. With this membership, you get all the same benefits as the Friends of Farmers membership at around half the price.

Since Rural Roots is a nonprofit run solely by volunteers, that means 100% of your memberships goes to support Rural Roots and its mission of education. Zero percent goes to providing the board with singing guinea hens, rainforest tomatoes, or ecologically sourced cat sweaters.

    Rural Roots Living Lightly or Student Membership Form


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    If you are a farmer, self sufficient homesteader, or devoted gardener, what do you mainly produce?

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    Do you consider ecological services (for example pollinator and beneficial insect habitat, other wildlife habitat, soil water storage, scenic beauty, other) part of the production of your farm?

    Do you formally evaluate the success of your operation as a producer on a regular basis?

    Do you use a “triple bottom line”(financial, social, environmental goals) in evaluating the success and sustainability of your operation?

    What would you like Rural Roots to do for you?

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