We will be doing a reoccurring zoom presentations on Native food systems, often called Native foodways. 

Some of my best farming habits have been taught to me by wiser farmers using methods handed down to them through the generations. These are the techniques that grow healthier crops, help to control pests naturally, or enhance plant production. After all, no one takes the time to pass down the techniques that don’t work. I’ve yet to have a grower tell me their grandmother’s secret method to grow really small and bad tasting tomatoes. Or give me a recipe to spread powdery mildew around my garden.

Learning from and respecting other peoples’ traditional ways of growing is an important part of sustainable and regenerative agriculture. All cultures have developed different ways to feed themselves and we can all learn from listening to each other. 

Gather is a film about Native American foodways and food sovereignty.

Did you miss the showing of Gather we promoted earlier this fall? You can view it for free on Kanopy, available through most libraries:

Latah county library Kanopy link

In Latah library we are able to watch 4 films a month for free. Other library systems may have different limits.