8 Reasons to Hug a Plant 

  1. Plants create food. They convert carbon dioxide and energy from the sun from the air into delicious fruits, berries, stems and leaves. There are around 7,000 species of plants grown for food.  
  2. Plants create oxygen which makes our atmosphere suitable for life. Plants take carbon dioxide and water and make oxygen.
  3. Plants regulated the earth's water cycle. They move water from their roots up through their leaves in a process called respiration. Water in the air around plants can change the weather. For example, planting trees can bring back rain to desert areas by increasing air humidity.
  4. Plants store carbon in their stems and trunks. This helps slow down global warming.
  5. Plants prevent soil erosion and stabilize ecosystems. In marshes, plants act to filter and purify water.
  6. Plants support and form habitat for most of life on earth including humans. Just like birds, bears and bumblebees, humans use plant byproducts to build their homes. A diverse landscape is made up of live and dead plants. Humans even use plants for their clothing.
  7. Plants are used for medicine. Globally, many people rely on holistic plant based medication. Quite a few prescription drugs are plant based. Over 120 distinct chemical substances derived from plants are used as drugs.
  8. Plants and being in nature make people happier, less stressed and more active. Plants in the home reduce carbon dioxide levels and remove environmental toxins from the air.
New potato sprouting.

Plant of the Month

To celebrate the wonder of plants we will highlight various plants each month. Plants will include food plants, landscaping plants, medicinal plants, and even so called weeds.