On this page you will find  links to several state and federal policy, agriculture and legislative information sources.  Included also are links to national sustainable food and farming organizations that provide updates and action alerts on policy issues.

Nonprofit Organizations and Policy Involvement: Resources and Guidelines

The Alliance for Justice outlines what non-profit organizations
like Rural Roots can and cannot do concerning policy work.

Center for Non-Profit Management

Turner Publishing

Health Concerns
Have you been exposed to asbestos?

Farmers can become exposed to asbestos through soil, vermiculite and products on farming equipment and machinery.  Find out what products contain asbestos and how to keep yourself safe at Asbestos.com

This organization gives out free informational books and packets. they have a Patient Advocacy program that works with people who have cancer caused by asbestos exposure exposure to help them find local doctors, treatment centers and support groups.

Resources for Idaho

Resources for Washington

Resources for Oregon

Federal Policies & Resources

Regional Organizations

National Organizations

Watchdog Organizations

League of Conservation voters follows state legislation and scores legislators on their performance concerning environmental issues.  League of Conservation Voters also helps elect candidates that are willing to protect natural spaces.

These groups, however, do not work on policy. They are a good resource to look at when voting, during the election season and reflecting on previous sessions.

Idaho League of Conservation Voters

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Washington League of Conservation Voters

International Resources

Below are links to sites with information on international agriculture policies as well as publications on national and international issues.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 

Edmonds Institute

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